Bookmarking Demon Review

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As I have said before I work for a very successful SEO company, at our company we use a fleet of tools and resources to achieve some very great results. One of the tools in our arsenal is Bookmarking Demon. We deal with a large number of clients and have created quite a significant back office program that pulls data and information constantly. As a result we are able to examine, and re-examine information constantly to know what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s examine what exactly Bookmarking Demon is, and what it can do for you. As I’m sure most people are familiar with Social Bookmarking websites and the power of the backlink. If you have ever manually bookmarked a website on one of these social bookmarking websites you can understand how long and tedious the process is. From setting up the accounts, to checking the emails and activating the accounts and then finally setting up your actual ‘bookmark’. I used to do this manually and would spend anywhere from two to three hours bookmarking my sites.

Let me tell you that it was so boring, I really mean antagonizingly boring. Because keep in mind, to make a legitimate account on these sites you would need to bookmark things besides just your website. That meant bookmarking all types of different sites to build up credibility and not have your accounts banned.

Finally after dealing with this program on a near daily basis with some of my fellow coworkers and seeing the evident success it was having for some of our clients I decided to purchase the program. Thank goodness I did, after running it the first time for my sites I was ecstatic at the time I saved.

Bookmarking Demon will let you register to 30 different social bookmarking websites! This also means creating the accounts (just enter the captcha’s), and getting your posts ready. Manually creating accounts on these sites alone can take several hours, now its broken down to several minutes.

Importing and exporting of your information is efficient with Bookmarking Demon. It is necessary sometimes to have many different accounts for many different social bookmarking websites. To help ‘boost’ your backlinks and eliminate any possible traces of one account abusing the service. Although keep in mind that creating many accounts can also get your IP address banned. Bookmarking Demon thought this out and created a built in Proxy server finder and mask. That way you can literally set the account creation/posting on autopilot and disguised through proxies. Simply brilliant if you ask me! We typically need to use another proxie program for our SEO efforts at work, but this one has a built in proxie program. Brilliant!

Bookmarking Demon Review


  • Easy Account Registration (only enter captcha)
  • Mass submit to over 30 social bookmarking sites
  • Bookmarking Demon randomizes your posts with alternatives to help create better anchor texts and removing possible dupe content
  • Proxy server list retrieval and implementation


  • Crashes sometimes (although very rare)
  • Can end up banned from Social submit sites

The last con isn’t really a problem if you are intelligent about using the program. Use the features implemented, like the proxy setup, or limit the amount of bookmarkings that you do. By blatantly abusing this program you can end up BANNED from the sites. I’m not talking account banned but IP banned.

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Google Nemesis Review

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Google Nemesis was designed by Chris “X” McNeeny, a super guru and affiliate super marketer. Creator of the #1 Clickbank product, Day Job Killer, has decided to release his new product Google Nemesis. This review will go over what the product is about, who it is designed for and who might benefit from such a product.

Google Nemesis broke clickbank sales records, as many predicted, but is it hype or is it some typical rehashed system. Let’s analyze some of Chris’ other products and take a look into the product.

Chris X McNeeny author and creator of the Day Job Killer is arguably one of the most successful Clickbank affiliates that has existed, next to none other then Brad Callen. Chris is author and creator of : Affiliate Project X, ‘the Day Job Killer’, Project Black Mask and Google Assassin. Chris has helped over 40,000 affiliates learn how to become successful marketing online and how to make a profitable living as a Clickbank affiliate. With Chris’ information people have begun earning $300, $400 and even $500 daily. Chris is known for his high quality products that enable people to really utilize and begin earning their top Clickbank potential. Chris is familiar with breaking Clickbank records, as his Affiliate Project X broke the record sales when it was released in October of 2006 by selling more than 6,000 copies in the first week. Chris is very familiar with affiliate success as well by making over $1 million dollars in his first week for 3 of his products.

Google Nemesis is NOT an Ebook, lets get that straight from the start. Chris is entering unchartered territory as his previous items have all been Ebooks. When you subscribe to the powerful and revolutionary system you will get access to unprecedented resources. Let’s analyze what the back office of Google Nemesis does for you. It helps automate and set up your Clickbank affiliate PPC campaigns via Google Adwords. Literally taking the process of setting up your PPC campaigns as a point and click system. After over 8 months of hiring a full time programming staff Chris was ready to release his product.

Apart from the wonderful PPC creator and analyzer your Google Nemesis program gives you access to Chris’ previous information on how to use Google to make money, in step by step form. These are the blueprints that top affiliates have used to create six figure MONTHLY incomes. Pretty amazing huh? You will learn how Chris leverages himself to earn some great numbers with Google. These step by step guides have been tested, analyzed, and critiqued for years at a time.

The beauty of Chris’ products is that any beginner can truly get started. These products are not orientated towards advanced users or affiliate partnerse. This product was designed for beginner to intermediate users. You don’t need to create your own products, or even write your own sale letters these are all handled within the nemesis program!

Again let me emphasize that these are TIME tested plans, ones that have had proven success for people. This wasn’t some thrown together product, it was tested and tested and then tested some more. The results have been proven, Tyson made over $5,000 in his first few weeks. Anthony J, a 27 year old business owner just started pulling in $500/day! The point is that this is a proven system, again and again.

How does the system work? By copying the pro’s. Seriously! This program swipes and clones the professionals. By analyzing the process of the successful you will be able to get up and running in no time. Eliminating risk and maximizing profits! Google Nemesis is the only tool in the world that lets you play the Google Adwords game by your own rules. No messing around, and no risk. Setting up a successful Adwords campaign can take months of fine tuning to be successful. With this system you will be able to get up and running in a matter of hours. It will research the hottest product, create your website, predict conversion rates and give you the tools necessary to succeed.

Still confused? Don’t worry Chris has provided fully illustrated step by step demonstrations of the system in action! Don’t read a tutorial, watch the creator teach you how to use HIS program. As a member you won’t only receive this kind of help and access to this unprecedented information but you will have access to demo accounts so that you can play around and fine tune before going live. Cool huh?

Learn more about Google Nemesis at Chris’ page… Watch some videos and have access to this magnificent product.

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Affiliate Elite Product Review – The Inside Scoop

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If you haven’t heard of Brad Callen, then it is time to wake up. His products are always revolutionary and cutting edge, nothing else about it. Affiliate Elite is no difference then any of Callen’s prior software’s. This product allows people to capture the true essence of affiliate success, easily and efficiently.

Affiliate Elite is a tool specifically for internet marketers/affiliate marketers, if you aren’t in either of these arena’s then the software simply isn’t for you. If you are considering joining either of these arena’s then this is a must have software tool. Now as affiliate and internet marketers it is sometimes tough to stay ‘ahead’ of the game. Knowing when to jump on what boat, before the boat begins to sink. Catch my drift? Well Affiliate Elite handles this situation and figures does all the work for you, letting you sit back and ride the wave of program success before it begins and all the way through till the end.

Here is what you can expect in the program:

1. Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote

This is where a beginner to advanced affiliate marketer learns the tactics for choosing the best product available on the market. The information is pulled from the two major affiliate providers; Clickbank and Paydotcom. It will display information about the current affiliate consumer trends and enables the reader to choose the best product to market.

2. Reverse Google Search
This is basically SEO Elite and Keyword Elite mixed into the program, with this utility you will be able to reverse search Google for some very essential information. Everything from banklink sources, page pr, alternative keywords, keyword density and just about anything you can think of. Great bonus is that you have basically two other major programs available to use.

3. Analyze Adwords Competition
Now that you have a potential product, you have researched the competition’s work for advertising and what not now its time to analyze the Adword’s competition. Analyze what your competitors Google ads look like, analyze how long they have been using it, estimate CTR, and basically see INTO your competitors Adwords campaign. This is such a powerful tool that I really can’t emphasize how great it really is.

4. Find Super Affiliates
Looking to start up a product to sell? Wondering who would be a good joint venture partner to market your new E-book or software? Well then look no further, this provides a list of all the JV partners in the Clickbank or Paydotcom and their past history. Its actually crazy! Watch Affiliate Elite reveal all their affiliates, with their personal contact info!

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Keyword Elite Program – Tell Me, Why Do You Need It?

July 12, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Why do you need them?

I firmly believe that you really don’t need to purchase many tools to be successful in the online world. What is really required is a strong work ethic and commitment to your cause to produce a winning campaign.

The difficulty lies in the fact that producing a successful campaign can be very labor intensive. A successful campaign will require extensive testing to the keywords that actually deliver the best results. I encourage you to read this article, and then take a look at my courtesy eBook – I hope that these resources will help to guide you in your decision making.

Do you have the time?

Keyword Elite Program is the perfect tool for those who just do not have the kind of time to put in running hours of optimization tests that are required to produce a great campaign. Think about it this way: if you are starting an article writing campaign, you have to find the right keywords to use in all of your articles, an exhaustive and long process. Then, you will invest hours writing each article. Choosing the right keywords is critical to success to drive the kind of rankings that you want on all the major search engines.

Keyword Elite program streamlines the entire process by doing all of the querying and checking for you. Instead of spending hours Googling keywords, you entire a broad keyword, choose the number of keywords you would like, and in less than two minutes KE gives you the results that you need by allowing you to choose from 200 of the best keywords. If you want even more optimized keywords, KE can deliver as you perform more searches.

Put them to Work Right Now!

Keyword Elite program can deliver up to 13,000 related keywords for your AdSense campaigns; keywords that you can put to work on your websites immediately. By letting KE do the work for you, you save valuable time that can be spent on creating better articles and content, resulting in higher click-throughs and more revenue.

Different Ways to Analyze Keywords

Because KE is a comprehensive solution, you can analyze keywords in many different ways:

1. Determine the number of search queries for that term on the major search engines,

2. See what the current bids are (essential to starting an AdWords campaign, this allows you to save money by bidding smart).

3. Analyze your competition: how many other sites are really optimizing their pages for your keywords?

4. KE also allows you to see how many AdWords campaigns are running for any keyword, and more importantly just how successful they are at generating clicks.

For Competitive Terms It’s Essential

Now, you might not need all of this information for less competitive keywords, but it can be essential for the more competitive terms. On a basic level, all you really need to know is whether or not a keyword will deliver the traffic you need. You can do this by looking at the number of pages that are using the keyword as a title; doable with Google, but time consuming.

Skip the Tedious Work, please!

Then the real fun begins. Painstakingly write down each keyword, make your notes, check out the competition etc. KE allows you to skip this most tedious part of the process by doing the legwork for you. Keyword Elite program gives you the information that you need in minutes that would normally take hours to compile – information that is essential to your AdWords and AdSense campaigns. This tool is a must-have time saver that can deliver the information that you need to make the most informed decisions when creating and running your campaigns.

Get your AdWords Courtesy Ebook Here Learn how Michael Ambrusio saves money by bidding smart and get instant profitable campaigns. Visit where you will find how Keyword Elite Program rapidly boost your results on AdWords or AdSense.

Keyword Elite – Is Keyword Elite The Best Keyword Research Tool?

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I purchased Brad Callen’s keyword research software, Keyword Elite in 2006. Previously I’d bought his other software package SEO Elite and was really pleased with it, so I decided to buy Keyword Elite as well, at $176 it was not a quick decision to make.Keyword Elite does what is says on the box, it returns as many as 10,000 related keywords for any single keyword or keyword phrase you search on, and it returns them pretty quickly. It really is a great keyword research tool.

The software is quick to learn and easy to use, and within minutes of downloading it I was running keyword searches. My biggest problem, was what to do with the Keyword lists I was producing? 10,000 keywords are great, but what use are they?

I decided to revisit the Keyword Elite tutorial videos. It was at this point that I really started to grasp the power of Keyword Elite. In particular, Keyword Elite Project 2 takes the Keyword Lists you’ve created and returns some incredible data from Google. For example:

* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will tell you how many searches are made each month and how many sites are competing for the keyword phrase
* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will also show you what the Top 3 Adwords Advertisers are paying for the top positions in the sponsored searches

In answer to the question above I can quite simply say that Keyword Elite is definitely worth the $176 purchase price, providing you know how to interpret the awesome data provided by Project 2 in particular, and Project 5 which allows you to monitor competitors’ Adwords campaigns. But I stress you must be able to decipher the information and then take action. Once I grasped the power of Keyword Elite I recouped the purchase price back in just a few days, and now thanks to Keyword Elite I’m earning in excess of $3,000 per month and growing.

The Keyword Elite keyword data is priceless for the development of profitable Adsense sites, for finding keywords for PPC campaigns and for promoting affiliate products.

So in summary I absolutely, totally recommend Keyword Elite to anyone, whether you’re relatively new to internet marketing as I am, or an experienced online marketer, I never thought I would make so much money so quickly. So much so that I’ve written my own 70 page Free Keyword Elite guide which details exactly how I’ve used Keyword Elite to make money online. It details the following strategies:

– How To Identify Profitable Niches and Products Using Keyword Elite

– Instantly Identify Google Arbitrage Opportunities And Start Paying For Keyword Elite Within Minutes

– Learn Quickly How To Find Uncompetitive Keywords That Will Bring Free Search Engine Traffic To Your Sites

– Learn How To Use Keyword Elite To Find Profitable Affiliate Products That You Can Start Earning From In Just 7 Days

– Learn My Secret Method For Identifying 100’s Of Affiliate Products That You Can Promote Today Without A Web Site

Keyword Elite is a Monster keyword research tool, it is the best keyword software on the market if you know how to use the data it provides. Don’t waste the time I did when I first purchased it. Read my proven methods and strategies in my Keyword Elite free guide that’s available here.

Richard Taylor has gone from nothing to earning several thousands of dollars online each month … his goal is to regularly earn $500 per day by the end of 2007, you can watch his progress at, where you’ll also find reviews on all the SEO tools he’s bought and used during his 365 day challenge …

Keyword Elite Reviews – Is It Worth It?

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Now I understand there are free keyword tools out there but I firmly believe that anybody who performs keyword research for their business should be using a professional keyword tool. Keyword Elite is the latest and, seemingly, most advanced keyword tool on the market. But it does come at a cost and so, the question is begged: is it really worth it?

Well, firstly, Keyword Elite is a feature-packed tool, and these features are all great. Most people love how easy it is to build huge keyword lists with Keyword Elite but what I like most about Keyword Elite is how you can use it to spy on the competition in every possible way and easily uncover great keywords. But I guess that’s because I’ve been getting heavily into article marketing recently.

Keyword Elite, in short, allows you to instantly generate keyword lists up-to 10,000 keywords long with heavily-researched and highly-targeted keywords. The program allows you to spy on your competition in many ways… by analyzing PPC listings, keyword competition and AdWords competition.

I found the program was rather easy to navigate and the layout was simple. I watched the four tutorial videos (which can be found on my full review), and everything was made very clear. I felt comfortable with the program after a few hours, and have since been using it in the same way.

All in all, I feel Keyword Elite is worth it if keyword research is an aspect of your business. I feel everyone should really be using a professional keyword tool and there is no tool more powerful than Keyword Elite, so it’s the obvious choice. Keyword Elite allows you to take your research to another level… with the keyword lists you can build, you can fully optimize your campaigns and make your money back within a few days. You can find much more information on the program in my full review.

John is a full-time internet marketer, who uses Keyword Elite daily. He recommends those looking for more information to visit his full review.

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