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August 8, 2008 by · 2 Comments 

If you haven’t heard of Brad Callen, then it is time to wake up. His products are always revolutionary and cutting edge, nothing else about it. Affiliate Elite is no difference then any of Callen’s prior software’s. This product allows people to capture the true essence of affiliate success, easily and efficiently.

Affiliate Elite is a tool specifically for internet marketers/affiliate marketers, if you aren’t in either of these arena’s then the software simply isn’t for you. If you are considering joining either of these arena’s then this is a must have software tool. Now as affiliate and internet marketers it is sometimes tough to stay ‘ahead’ of the game. Knowing when to jump on what boat, before the boat begins to sink. Catch my drift? Well Affiliate Elite handles this situation and figures does all the work for you, letting you sit back and ride the wave of program success before it begins and all the way through till the end.

Here is what you can expect in the program:

1. Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote

This is where a beginner to advanced affiliate marketer learns the tactics for choosing the best product available on the market. The information is pulled from the two major affiliate providers; Clickbank and Paydotcom. It will display information about the current affiliate consumer trends and enables the reader to choose the best product to market.

2. Reverse Google Search
This is basically SEO Elite and Keyword Elite mixed into the program, with this utility you will be able to reverse search Google for some very essential information. Everything from banklink sources, page pr, alternative keywords, keyword density and just about anything you can think of. Great bonus is that you have basically two other major programs available to use.

3. Analyze Adwords Competition
Now that you have a potential product, you have researched the competition’s work for advertising and what not now its time to analyze the Adword’s competition. Analyze what your competitors Google ads look like, analyze how long they have been using it, estimate CTR, and basically see INTO your competitors Adwords campaign. This is such a powerful tool that I really can’t emphasize how great it really is.

4. Find Super Affiliates
Looking to start up a product to sell? Wondering who would be a good joint venture partner to market your new E-book or software? Well then look no further, this provides a list of all the JV partners in the Clickbank or Paydotcom and their past history. Its actually crazy! Watch Affiliate Elite reveal all their affiliates, with their personal contact info!

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