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Google Nemesis was designed by Chris “X” McNeeny, a super guru and affiliate super marketer. Creator of the #1 Clickbank product, Day Job Killer, has decided to release his new product Google Nemesis. This review will go over what the product is about, who it is designed for and who might benefit from such a product.

Google Nemesis broke clickbank sales records, as many predicted, but is it hype or is it some typical rehashed system. Let’s analyze some of Chris’ other products and take a look into the product.

Chris X McNeeny author and creator of the Day Job Killer is arguably one of the most successful Clickbank affiliates that has existed, next to none other then Brad Callen. Chris is author and creator of : Affiliate Project X, ‘the Day Job Killer’, Project Black Mask and Google Assassin. Chris has helped over 40,000 affiliates learn how to become successful marketing online and how to make a profitable living as a Clickbank affiliate. With Chris’ information people have begun earning $300, $400 and even $500 daily. Chris is known for his high quality products that enable people to really utilize and begin earning their top Clickbank potential. Chris is familiar with breaking Clickbank records, as his Affiliate Project X broke the record sales when it was released in October of 2006 by selling more than 6,000 copies in the first week. Chris is very familiar with affiliate success as well by making over $1 million dollars in his first week for 3 of his products.

Google Nemesis is NOT an Ebook, lets get that straight from the start. Chris is entering unchartered territory as his previous items have all been Ebooks. When you subscribe to the powerful and revolutionary system you will get access to unprecedented resources. Let’s analyze what the back office of Google Nemesis does for you. It helps automate and set up your Clickbank affiliate PPC campaigns via Google Adwords. Literally taking the process of setting up your PPC campaigns as a point and click system. After over 8 months of hiring a full time programming staff Chris was ready to release his product.

Apart from the wonderful PPC creator and analyzer your Google Nemesis program gives you access to Chris’ previous information on how to use Google to make money, in step by step form. These are the blueprints that top affiliates have used to create six figure MONTHLY incomes. Pretty amazing huh? You will learn how Chris leverages himself to earn some great numbers with Google. These step by step guides have been tested, analyzed, and critiqued for years at a time.

The beauty of Chris’ products is that any beginner can truly get started. These products are not orientated towards advanced users or affiliate partnerse. This product was designed for beginner to intermediate users. You don’t need to create your own products, or even write your own sale letters these are all handled within the nemesis program!

Again let me emphasize that these are TIME tested plans, ones that have had proven success for people. This wasn’t some thrown together product, it was tested and tested and then tested some more. The results have been proven, Tyson made over $5,000 in his first few weeks. Anthony J, a 27 year old business owner just started pulling in $500/day! The point is that this is a proven system, again and again.

How does the system work? By copying the pro’s. Seriously! This program swipes and clones the professionals. By analyzing the process of the successful you will be able to get up and running in no time. Eliminating risk and maximizing profits! Google Nemesis is the only tool in the world that lets you play the Google Adwords game by your own rules. No messing around, and no risk. Setting up a successful Adwords campaign can take months of fine tuning to be successful. With this system you will be able to get up and running in a matter of hours. It will research the hottest product, create your website, predict conversion rates and give you the tools necessary to succeed.

Still confused? Don’t worry Chris has provided fully illustrated step by step demonstrations of the system in action! Don’t read a tutorial, watch the creator teach you how to use HIS program. As a member you won’t only receive this kind of help and access to this unprecedented information but you will have access to demo accounts so that you can play around and fine tune before going live. Cool huh?

Learn more about Google Nemesis at Chris’ page… Watch some videos and have access to this magnificent product.

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  1. Katrina on November 4th, 2008 9:10 am

    All links count, but with more links added each new one counts less. I believe that links inside the first 250 words count more.

    Check this out, please…

  2. Dreadful on November 4th, 2008 9:10 am

    While I’m pretty sure that all of the links will count in the algorithm I’m also sure that the number of links counts for something. Having the header link back as well as several other links to the homepage will increase that pages link strength. But I do believe that you now have to divide the link strength and the strength of the text between that many links.

    basically I have 3 links going to my homepage, 2 text links and one image link. Now the text is only 2/3 strength. That could be a possible linking factor.

    While this hardly debunks the idea of “only 1st anchor text counts with Google” it also doesn’t prove it.

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