Keyword Elite – Is Keyword Elite The Best Keyword Research Tool?

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I purchased Brad Callen’s keyword research software, Keyword Elite in 2006. Previously I’d bought his other software package SEO Elite and was really pleased with it, so I decided to buy Keyword Elite as well, at $176 it was not a quick decision to make.Keyword Elite does what is says on the box, it returns as many as 10,000 related keywords for any single keyword or keyword phrase you search on, and it returns them pretty quickly. It really is a great keyword research tool.

The software is quick to learn and easy to use, and within minutes of downloading it I was running keyword searches. My biggest problem, was what to do with the Keyword lists I was producing? 10,000 keywords are great, but what use are they?

I decided to revisit the Keyword Elite tutorial videos. It was at this point that I really started to grasp the power of Keyword Elite. In particular, Keyword Elite Project 2 takes the Keyword Lists you’ve created and returns some incredible data from Google. For example:

* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will tell you how many searches are made each month and how many sites are competing for the keyword phrase
* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will also show you what the Top 3 Adwords Advertisers are paying for the top positions in the sponsored searches

In answer to the question above I can quite simply say that Keyword Elite is definitely worth the $176 purchase price, providing you know how to interpret the awesome data provided by Project 2 in particular, and Project 5 which allows you to monitor competitors’ Adwords campaigns. But I stress you must be able to decipher the information and then take action. Once I grasped the power of Keyword Elite I recouped the purchase price back in just a few days, and now thanks to Keyword Elite I’m earning in excess of $3,000 per month and growing.

The Keyword Elite keyword data is priceless for the development of profitable Adsense sites, for finding keywords for PPC campaigns and for promoting affiliate products.

So in summary I absolutely, totally recommend Keyword Elite to anyone, whether you’re relatively new to internet marketing as I am, or an experienced online marketer, I never thought I would make so much money so quickly. So much so that I’ve written my own 70 page Free Keyword Elite guide which details exactly how I’ve used Keyword Elite to make money online. It details the following strategies:

– How To Identify Profitable Niches and Products Using Keyword Elite

– Instantly Identify Google Arbitrage Opportunities And Start Paying For Keyword Elite Within Minutes

– Learn Quickly How To Find Uncompetitive Keywords That Will Bring Free Search Engine Traffic To Your Sites

– Learn How To Use Keyword Elite To Find Profitable Affiliate Products That You Can Start Earning From In Just 7 Days

– Learn My Secret Method For Identifying 100’s Of Affiliate Products That You Can Promote Today Without A Web Site

Keyword Elite is a Monster keyword research tool, it is the best keyword software on the market if you know how to use the data it provides. Don’t waste the time I did when I first purchased it. Read my proven methods and strategies in my Keyword Elite free guide that’s available here.

Richard Taylor has gone from nothing to earning several thousands of dollars online each month … his goal is to regularly earn $500 per day by the end of 2007, you can watch his progress at, where you’ll also find reviews on all the SEO tools he’s bought and used during his 365 day challenge …


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