Keyword Elite Program – Tell Me, Why Do You Need It?

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Why do you need them?

I firmly believe that you really don’t need to purchase many tools to be successful in the online world. What is really required is a strong work ethic and commitment to your cause to produce a winning campaign.

The difficulty lies in the fact that producing a successful campaign can be very labor intensive. A successful campaign will require extensive testing to the keywords that actually deliver the best results. I encourage you to read this article, and then take a look at my courtesy eBook – I hope that these resources will help to guide you in your decision making.

Do you have the time?

Keyword Elite Program is the perfect tool for those who just do not have the kind of time to put in running hours of optimization tests that are required to produce a great campaign. Think about it this way: if you are starting an article writing campaign, you have to find the right keywords to use in all of your articles, an exhaustive and long process. Then, you will invest hours writing each article. Choosing the right keywords is critical to success to drive the kind of rankings that you want on all the major search engines.

Keyword Elite program streamlines the entire process by doing all of the querying and checking for you. Instead of spending hours Googling keywords, you entire a broad keyword, choose the number of keywords you would like, and in less than two minutes KE gives you the results that you need by allowing you to choose from 200 of the best keywords. If you want even more optimized keywords, KE can deliver as you perform more searches.

Put them to Work Right Now!

Keyword Elite program can deliver up to 13,000 related keywords for your AdSense campaigns; keywords that you can put to work on your websites immediately. By letting KE do the work for you, you save valuable time that can be spent on creating better articles and content, resulting in higher click-throughs and more revenue.

Different Ways to Analyze Keywords

Because KE is a comprehensive solution, you can analyze keywords in many different ways:

1. Determine the number of search queries for that term on the major search engines,

2. See what the current bids are (essential to starting an AdWords campaign, this allows you to save money by bidding smart).

3. Analyze your competition: how many other sites are really optimizing their pages for your keywords?

4. KE also allows you to see how many AdWords campaigns are running for any keyword, and more importantly just how successful they are at generating clicks.

For Competitive Terms It’s Essential

Now, you might not need all of this information for less competitive keywords, but it can be essential for the more competitive terms. On a basic level, all you really need to know is whether or not a keyword will deliver the traffic you need. You can do this by looking at the number of pages that are using the keyword as a title; doable with Google, but time consuming.

Skip the Tedious Work, please!

Then the real fun begins. Painstakingly write down each keyword, make your notes, check out the competition etc. KE allows you to skip this most tedious part of the process by doing the legwork for you. Keyword Elite program gives you the information that you need in minutes that would normally take hours to compile – information that is essential to your AdWords and AdSense campaigns. This tool is a must-have time saver that can deliver the information that you need to make the most informed decisions when creating and running your campaigns.

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Keyword Elite – Is Keyword Elite The Best Keyword Research Tool?

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I purchased Brad Callen’s keyword research software, Keyword Elite in 2006. Previously I’d bought his other software package SEO Elite and was really pleased with it, so I decided to buy Keyword Elite as well, at $176 it was not a quick decision to make.Keyword Elite does what is says on the box, it returns as many as 10,000 related keywords for any single keyword or keyword phrase you search on, and it returns them pretty quickly. It really is a great keyword research tool.

The software is quick to learn and easy to use, and within minutes of downloading it I was running keyword searches. My biggest problem, was what to do with the Keyword lists I was producing? 10,000 keywords are great, but what use are they?

I decided to revisit the Keyword Elite tutorial videos. It was at this point that I really started to grasp the power of Keyword Elite. In particular, Keyword Elite Project 2 takes the Keyword Lists you’ve created and returns some incredible data from Google. For example:

* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will tell you how many searches are made each month and how many sites are competing for the keyword phrase
* For each Keyword Phrase, Project 2 will also show you what the Top 3 Adwords Advertisers are paying for the top positions in the sponsored searches

In answer to the question above I can quite simply say that Keyword Elite is definitely worth the $176 purchase price, providing you know how to interpret the awesome data provided by Project 2 in particular, and Project 5 which allows you to monitor competitors’ Adwords campaigns. But I stress you must be able to decipher the information and then take action. Once I grasped the power of Keyword Elite I recouped the purchase price back in just a few days, and now thanks to Keyword Elite I’m earning in excess of $3,000 per month and growing.

The Keyword Elite keyword data is priceless for the development of profitable Adsense sites, for finding keywords for PPC campaigns and for promoting affiliate products.

So in summary I absolutely, totally recommend Keyword Elite to anyone, whether you’re relatively new to internet marketing as I am, or an experienced online marketer, I never thought I would make so much money so quickly. So much so that I’ve written my own 70 page Free Keyword Elite guide which details exactly how I’ve used Keyword Elite to make money online. It details the following strategies:

– How To Identify Profitable Niches and Products Using Keyword Elite

– Instantly Identify Google Arbitrage Opportunities And Start Paying For Keyword Elite Within Minutes

– Learn Quickly How To Find Uncompetitive Keywords That Will Bring Free Search Engine Traffic To Your Sites

– Learn How To Use Keyword Elite To Find Profitable Affiliate Products That You Can Start Earning From In Just 7 Days

– Learn My Secret Method For Identifying 100’s Of Affiliate Products That You Can Promote Today Without A Web Site

Keyword Elite is a Monster keyword research tool, it is the best keyword software on the market if you know how to use the data it provides. Don’t waste the time I did when I first purchased it. Read my proven methods and strategies in my Keyword Elite free guide that’s available here.

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Keyword Elite Reviews – Is It Worth It?

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Now I understand there are free keyword tools out there but I firmly believe that anybody who performs keyword research for their business should be using a professional keyword tool. Keyword Elite is the latest and, seemingly, most advanced keyword tool on the market. But it does come at a cost and so, the question is begged: is it really worth it?

Well, firstly, Keyword Elite is a feature-packed tool, and these features are all great. Most people love how easy it is to build huge keyword lists with Keyword Elite but what I like most about Keyword Elite is how you can use it to spy on the competition in every possible way and easily uncover great keywords. But I guess that’s because I’ve been getting heavily into article marketing recently.

Keyword Elite, in short, allows you to instantly generate keyword lists up-to 10,000 keywords long with heavily-researched and highly-targeted keywords. The program allows you to spy on your competition in many ways… by analyzing PPC listings, keyword competition and AdWords competition.

I found the program was rather easy to navigate and the layout was simple. I watched the four tutorial videos (which can be found on my full review), and everything was made very clear. I felt comfortable with the program after a few hours, and have since been using it in the same way.

All in all, I feel Keyword Elite is worth it if keyword research is an aspect of your business. I feel everyone should really be using a professional keyword tool and there is no tool more powerful than Keyword Elite, so it’s the obvious choice. Keyword Elite allows you to take your research to another level… with the keyword lists you can build, you can fully optimize your campaigns and make your money back within a few days. You can find much more information on the program in my full review.

John is a full-time internet marketer, who uses Keyword Elite daily. He recommends those looking for more information to visit his full review.

How To Use Seo Elite Software For Top 3 Search Engine Rankings

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To perform this task manually you would need to choose your keyword phrase and do a search of Google. Then you would need to analyze the on page optimization of the top 3 sites by analyzing the backlinks to their site, the Page Rank of each individual site, count how many times the keyword phrase appears on the page, go to view source and analyze if there are any header tags, look at the title of the page and the description, write down the meta tags, and count how many times the keywords are bolded, underlined and italicized.

Of course this can be extremely time consuming and exhausting. can be very helpful in getting you started with this manual task.

Alternatively, you could use an automated software tool like Seo Elite.

Here is how you would perform this task with that seo software.

The First Step

It’s important that before you even start creating your website content that you do a little keyword research. This is absolutely essential and should never be glossed over.

Use any of the large number of keyword tools available such as Good Keywords, Wordtracker, DigitalPoint or the Overture keyword tool and put your chosen keyword or phrase into it. In this example we’ll use the word diet.

Now when you do this you will notice there are a range of keywords related to the word diet. Currently, the word diet is searched for 986732 times monthly on Google. That’s good news. The bad news is that there is way too much competition for you to ever achieve high rankings without a lot of hard work and perseverance. In fact, there are 149,000,000 websites that are also competing for the word diet.

The Second Step

Don’t optimize your website or content for the word diet!

The Third Step

Health diet fitness is searched for 18276 times monthly on Google with a lot less competition – 60,600 competing websites!

This would be a very good place to start. Once you are getting traffic for less competitive seo phrases you can start to optimize your websites for larger phrases.

The Fourth Step

Go to google and type in “health diet fitness” and do an analysis of the top three sites in Google.

Is it a top level web page (ie a dot com name only) or is it a page of a website that is not just dot com. If it is that’s great news as it invariably is easier to rank well for a dot com domain than pages off that domain that aren’t the home page.

The Fifth Step

What is the page rank of the top three sites in Google? Page Rank is how Google monitors the value of a specific website. If, for example, the sites are less than PR 4 that is pretty good. However, a site with a PR of 6 or higher would be a lot more difficult to compete with.

If you are wondering how you go about checking Page rank simply go to and download the free Google Toolbar.

How To Increase Page Rank

The only way to increase your page rank is by increasing the amount of other sites that are actually linking back to you. How Google perceives it is that if you have a lot of quality links back to your site then you must be an authority site of some kind.

The Sixth Step

View the source code by clicking view, then source.

Things to look out for:

1. If they are using header tags

2. Whether the main keyword is being used in the beginning and end of the page.

3. Whether they have bolded, underlined and italicized the main keywords throughout the page.

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About the Author:
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Keyword Elite Review – How Good Is It?

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In spite of all the good things that most affiliate marketers mention in their reviews of Keyword Elite, I would like to strike a balance by giving a more realistic review of this piece of software. No doubt, Keyword Elite is a piece of excellent software that can be run on your desktop to help you carry out a more extensive keyword research. It surpasses every single free tool in the market, which many people are using. However, there are two major caveats you need to bear in mind before you buy Keyword Elite.

1. The Problem of Current Database

Keyword Elite does not generate keywords by itself. In fact, keywords are pulled from various sources such as Overture and Google. This means that in most of the time, accuracy and speed are depending on these external sources. If the sources are not reliable or their servers are slow to progress, you will have a hard time in using Keyword Elite. For example, at this time Overture database are having problem of speed and stability. Therefore, if you choose Overture as one of the sources to retrieve a list of keywords, you will spend many hours before you can finish the search. Because of this, you may find some users complaining about the slowness of the software and even sometimes they will get N/A results from their research. Another good example is taken from Wordtracker. For instance, the recent update for Wordtracker will cause a captcha appears for every single keyword in Project 2 of Keyword Elite. A captcha is a kind of test adopted by much internet technology to fight spamming. The most commonly used captcha is a gimmick that requires you to put in certain numbers or letters given in a distorted image. It will definitely annoy you if you need to key in repeatedly hundreds or thousands times just to get rid of the captcha for a long list of keywords. To be fair, these are external factors that fall out of control of Keyword Elite. Any keyword tool that depends on these external sources will face a similar problem.

2. The Accuracy of High Paying Keywords

One of the commercial baits that seems very attractive in Keyword Elite is that it enables you to find Adsense high paying keywords. If you are using Adsense on your website to generate income, surely this feature seems to be a killer. How does it work? The answer is simple. Keyword Elite can retrieve those high paying keywords based on the estimation of Adwords cost-per-click (CPC). However, this is one of the features that disappoints a lot of users. The truth is that the CPC retrieved from Adwords only reflects the Google regular search, but not the content search network. In most cases, the Adwords advertisers will bid much higher in Google regular search than the content search network. This means that you may see $5 bid price in CPC that you obtain from Keyword Elite but in real picture, the same advertiser may have a bid price of $0.03 for a similar keyword, thus causing you to get a much lower CPC for your Adsense. This is the main reason why I heard so many users complaining the inaccuracy of Keyword Elite. In reality, this is not a fault that belongs to the software per se, because this is the limitation imposed by Google itself. Be that as it may, Keyword Elite is still a time saver and many of its features can still earn Keyword Elite one of the best keyword research tools in the current internet enterprise.

About the Author:

Peter Wong is the chief editor of Keyword Tool department of Review7.Net, a website that provides a more realistic review of various products and services in the industry of keyword research. For more info about this article, please visit Keyword Elite Review.

Why Buy Keyword Elite Software?

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Buy Keyword Elite Software? Steal Keywords From The Gurus, Dominate Any Adwords & PPC Competition To Uncover Profitable Hidden Niches & Keywords. Are you crazy? Did you say $176?! Come on there plenty of software, eBooks and guides that range from $10 to $70 that can help you learn from in your internet business. Well Keyword Elite is in a different league. Far from the quick tips, tools, techniques and tricks of the clever Infopreneurs, Guru’s and big Internet Marketing guys this is a different beast. When it comes to software Keyword Elite is nothing short of the foundation of your home based online business that will help you quit your boring job, make heaps of cash and have loads of fun! Face it if you want to make serious money off Adsense or Adwords you need to know what you are doing. Google makes some serious money off their services from people who just don’t know what they are doing. After they have blown their budget the next clueless internet marketer or aspiring home business owner comes along and fills their place. Can you actually even the odds and have a real shot at making Google work for you?

Let me tell you a sad story. I have worked in factories, call centers and office jobs and share the frustrations of the average person in a JOB (Just Above Broke). It sucks! I have tried for years to learn about an online business so I can quit my job and enjoy my life! I learned about the Keyword Elite Software and waited 12 months before I decided to finally buy it. After finally taking the plunge a week and a half to go through the training videos it has become evident this software is powerful. To be honest is does take a bit to get over the $176 price tag but then I started to add up all the $30-79 ebooks I had bought trying to chase the almighty Google Adwords and Adsense dollar. Being very conservative it would be at least $500-$1000. I am serious about quitting my job and working for myself so this doesn’t seem like much to educate myself but a LOT of it is a waste of money. So really…why did I spend the cash?

What can this Keyword Elite software really do?

* Keyword Elite can produce up to 10,000 keywords easily and quickly. You can use, yahoo, Google, Meta tags, misspelled words etc to find what people are searching for. You can easily sort this information and quickly find profitable keywords which you can advertise and profit from.
* Refine this list and send to Project 2 which will analyze PPC listings. Incredibly powerful info Keyword Elite finds the highest paid adwords and competition.
* Analyze keyword competition and find new growth markets for the highest profit and lowest competition
* Spy on Adwords competition. Keyword Elite software allows you spy on the best competition and campaigns and see if you can profit before you spend a dollar.

The above information is just a very small sample of what you can do. After I decided to buy the Keyword Elite Software I discovered an active forum where you can get answers to any questions. Also there is a fantastic Video Training Series that has literally hours on info about how to understand and profit from using the Keyword Elite software. This training series is broken up into the 5 different project areas (P1-Create a KW List, P2-Analyze PPC Listings, P3-Select a KW List, P4-Analyze KW Competition, P5-Spy on Adwords Competition). I will say that you may gain knowledge in the area of Professional SE Marketing and not just ‘how to use the software’ which I found invaluable.

I really got some great ideas throughout the training about:

* how to make a living running professional PPC campaigns for Companies
* how to spy on the successful campaigns and emulate them
* how to take the most profitable campaigns in expensive PPC networks and massively reduce the cost
* how to source a multitude of cheap yet highly targeted traffic
* how to see if a campaign will bring results BEFORE you spend any money
* how to quickly gather articles and set up Adsense pages (including info about copyright and creating unique content)
* how to set up your own advertising network (this one really broadened my thinking)

That is just a taste but there is a lot of material and the best part is that the training is Free even if you don’t purchase Keyword Elite. The software will not be for everyone however. Even though the training is good some may not have the patience to sit through it and the software is a bit more than point and click. If you are looking for results based on testing and are shy about spending money before knowing a probable result then Keyword Elite may be of benefit.

So to sum up my experience I would advise against the beginner buying Keyword Elite. The beginner has many lessons to learn and could never fully utilise all of the serious insider tools this software offers. If you are lazy and are looking for a Turnkey System *cough* that will run on Autopilot etc then you may get bored also with Keyword Elite. It takes some work to consistently use the software to produce results that will make you a regular income. Actually it sounds a lot like WORK. But guess what you are now working for yourself! And that feeling is great! And so is the cash! Worth a look anyway-see you on the other side.

To your Success!

J R Ising is passionate about helping people quit the rat race and own their own successful online business. He reviews products & services aimed at your online success. To watch 5 Free Demo Videos about Keyword Elite please visit: