Twitter Cashpile – Step 3

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By now you have been actively been marketing on Twitter, but it’s time to make sure that you are not risking having your account banned by Twitter. Here are some crucial steps to follow so that you don’t end up getting banned from Twitter.

If you create accounts and every single Twitter is a plug for your product than you deserve to get banned. Don’t be stupid, be smart and plug your products and websites intelligently. If YOU at all question whether or not you are abusing the Twitter system than you are. Don’t even question it and play by the rules. The benefits of Twitter far outweigh the negatives of getting banned.

By involving yourself with the community you will see a tremendous amount of benefits. People will visit your blog, websites, and links. They will be interested in your products, life, and services. Remember that when you are within the Twitter community. Making enemies isn’t your goal either, try and make friends and create groups that you communicate often with.

Twitter Essential Tools

Tools are great, if you can automate something that you do on the internet than I am ALL for it. Automation is necessary especially if you are going to succeed on the internet. Twitter is no exception, here are some tools that you can use on Twitter and make everything flow easier.

Tweetlater – Tells you when someone signs up to follow you, gives the option of sending them custom thank you notes, and tweeter management so that you can create Tweets that are automatically posted. – This desktop utility let’s you connect Twitter,, Friendfeed and seesmic accounts, URL shortener, Twit pics. It will also let you search twits, and sound notification of whenever you get a new message.

Twitbin – Send and receive messages via Twitter within your Firefox

Twitpic – Post pictures via phone instantly allowing for people to comment on it and other typical posts.

Hellotx – HelloTX allows you to post on tons of social networking websites at the same time, this allows you to reach a larger audience easily and convienently. Not wasting your time posting on each site, and allowing you to easily manage each different account.

Orangatame – Allows you to easily post on Twitter from your Blackberry.

MobileTwitter – Allows you to easily post on your iPhone.

Summize – Easily search twitter and stay on top of what people are saying right NOW on Twitter. Instant Twitter connection.

Twitidir – Find friends on Twitter, find who is the most popular on twitter, find who has the most follows, etc.

Please if you have other Twitter utilities post them up, if you have any other techniques please post them up as well. I’m curious to see how people are using various techniques to market on Twitter.

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Twitter Cashpile – Step 2

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By now you should have began following atleast 1,000 people at this point. Remember again that this is very easy to do, do it while you are watching T.V. or just on some downtime.  Twitter has set up a system that until you have 2,000 people following you back than you cannot add more people to follow. This is to discourage spamming and create  an actual community base.

So what you need to do is figure out who has NOT begun following you back since you have sent out the requests. You should wait around 1 week to 2 weeks to figure out who is not following you back since you have begun following them. There really isn’t time to waste on those Tweeters that won’t follow you back since it’s blocking your ability to add more followers and have more followers.

A good way to make a last stance for those that haven’t begun to follow you is to comment on one of their tweets. As a measure of good faith and as a last opportunity to get your voice out there and begun being followed by that person make a comment. If at that point they haven’t begun following you than its time to forget that person and find another that will follow.

Obviously manually searching who follows you and who isn’t is near impossible with 2,000 potential follows. You are going to have to resort to a program in order to successfully manage this venture. I personally suggest a program called Twitter Karma. You can find it here.  Sign on to Twitter Karma and begin unfollowing those that haven’t reciprocated the follow. This can literaly mean removing 500 or so people that never followed you back so its time to find another list of people to follow. Head back to the list where you started or find another twitter in your same target market and start blasting off follows.

This may seem like an extremely tedious task, so outsource it if you want. Although I did this work when I was watching T.V. or during downtime moments since I didn’t need to completely focus on it and it was very easy to do.

How to convert Twitters into sales

So obviously you are using Twitter to find customers, clients and convert sales. So let’s get you on track to do that.  Converting sales and customers on Twitter is EASY, it’s actually really amazing. Here is how to do it:

Tweet about your WORK or item:

For example, if you are doing some content writing for a client make a post about.

‘I’m currently finishing up an article for a client, completely optimized for search engines and just what the client asked for. Also submitted it to him a week early!’

You wouldn’t believe the response from this method, you will literally have people messaging you and asking about your services, prices, etc. Don’t do this for every tweet or you are just asking for trouble and people will recognize why you joined Twitter. I’d say do it no more than 10% of all your posts.

Keep in mind though if you have a huge product launch or service coming out that you can overdo it. Talk about small developments in the product, talk about the benefits, and what not. Make sure to not make it sound like a sales pitch and kinda just a blurb about it. For example,  “Can’t wait to introduce the new article writing service, it’s completely revolutionary”.

Also it’s a great time to link to your blogs and articles that you create on your site, don’t like to the product unless it’s a product launch or for some huge change. Remember that we’re trying to be involved in the community and conveniently tell others about our products and services. By linking to our blogs and things like that we are filtering people through another avenue to show our products and services without directly linking to them. By linking people to blogs, articles or other things created by you than people will begin to understand that you are an authority in the industry and that you know what you are talking about.

Remember again that you are trying to be involved within the community and as such ask questions! This will definitely let those that are following you drop their guard to show that you are a real person and actually are human. So let’s ask a few questions to add some more ‘fluff’ in between each tweet, to help filter out our plugs that we do every now and then. Asking questions is a great way to get involvement on your tweet page and having people coming back often to see what is being said.

Tomorrow I will be discussing how you can get banned on Twitter as well as some very good tools to make your twitter life easier. Be sure to check back for the full update.

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Twitter Cashpile

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I’m sure at this point you have heard about Twitter, if not where have you been? I’ll be honest, I hate Twitter. I can’t stand the fact that people have the need and or want to track people’s lives that closely and or have the need to tell others about their lives in up to minute updates. Seems a bit intense. Although I will tell you that Twitter can be very beneficial and can turn a nice profit if you know how to ‘work’ the system well. I use Twitter for different work ventures but don’t resort to it for this blog (yet).

Huge name internet marketers use Twitter religiously, Frank Kern, Shoe money, and many others. So obviously Twitter does have some actual benefit, otherwise those people wouldn’t be posting on it and wouldn’t waste their time.  The real secret of Twitter is the ability to create huge readership base, in a very short amount of time. It’s unlike any other medium because those that do begin reading/watching typically do it religiously.

How to get started on Twitter

First and foremost, don’t waste your time with this project unless you have a webpage already set up and ready to go. The point of partaking in Twitter is to drive targeted traffic to your website, to help with whatever it is that your conversion goal is.

Head over to Twitter and sign up for an account if you haven’t done that already. Once you’ve created, and confirmed your account head back over to Twitter’s profile page. Make sure that you add your websites URL to your bio information.  Also add whatever other relevant information that you are willing to give out. The more the merrier because then it appears that you are truly an involved member of the Twitter community.

Let’s understand first though who uses Twitter, what type of readership base they have and what your ‘average’ reader is like. Since Twitter is relatively a Web 2.0 concept you immediately can count out most of the non internet savvy users. This leaves you with the following user base on Twitter:

  • Web Designers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Copywriters
  • Search Engine Optimizers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Podcasters
  • Techjunkies
  • Work at Home Junkies
  • Web content developers
  • Article Marketers
  • Graphic Designers

I could go on and on, but the message is simple really. Your target market with Twitter will come from Tech fields or the get rich quick crowd. Make sure that you understand this before attempting to market your website that won’t convert with these types of people. If you feel that you can benefit from the previously mentioned people then please continue on with this article.

Finding Potential Readers/Buyers

Alright, so we’ve decided that you’ve got a product correct for the Twitter audience. Head on over to Twitter and look for the search field at the top of the page.  This is where you can enter popular names of people, or things that you might be interested in targeting since they have a similar readership as to what product you are marketing.

The secret of being successful on Twitter is by diving head first into the community. Being involved, communicating, and interacting. It really doesn’t require a lot of work, and the general rule of thumb is that the more that you are involved the better results you will see.

In order to get involved in the community and instead of feeling the water temperature let’s dive right in and do things right.  The first step in the process of getting on Twitter fast and efficiently is to find relevant people that you want to follow. Twitter is notorious for reciprocal actions, if you follow people than people will follow you.  Not all of course but a good majority will begin following you.

With twitter you are allowed a maximum of 2,000 people that you can follow, guess what now it’s time to cap that out! Get out there and search for your target market and begin following the people that follow them. Once you begin following someone they are notified and as said above will typically begin following you. There is a great tool out there called ‘Tweetlater’, this tool instantly notifies a Twitter of someone following them as well as signing them up to begin following you.

This is the beginning start to creating a winning Twitter account and maximizing your marketing efforts easily and conveniently. Tomorrow I will discuss more in depth additional ways to grow your list on Twitter as well as other marketing techniques using Twitter. I wanted to get everyone started with the idea of Twitter today and how to begin finding targeted readerships that will convert into sales. This is a tedious process but will be very beneficial to all Twitterers.

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101 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site

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1. Write and submit articles . It is a classic, but it works.
This will be indefinite traffic stuck in the search
engines for you. Write quality unique articles, not articles
that are rehashed or provide no insight to
readers, which is a huge problem these days.
2. Write and submit press releases, think prweb after you do
one. Read more