Keyword Elite Program – Tell Me, Why Do You Need It?

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Why do you need them?

I firmly believe that you really don’t need to purchase many tools to be successful in the online world. What is really required is a strong work ethic and commitment to your cause to produce a winning campaign.

The difficulty lies in the fact that producing a successful campaign can be very labor intensive. A successful campaign will require extensive testing to the keywords that actually deliver the best results. I encourage you to read this article, and then take a look at my courtesy eBook – I hope that these resources will help to guide you in your decision making.

Do you have the time?

Keyword Elite Program is the perfect tool for those who just do not have the kind of time to put in running hours of optimization tests that are required to produce a great campaign. Think about it this way: if you are starting an article writing campaign, you have to find the right keywords to use in all of your articles, an exhaustive and long process. Then, you will invest hours writing each article. Choosing the right keywords is critical to success to drive the kind of rankings that you want on all the major search engines.

Keyword Elite program streamlines the entire process by doing all of the querying and checking for you. Instead of spending hours Googling keywords, you entire a broad keyword, choose the number of keywords you would like, and in less than two minutes KE gives you the results that you need by allowing you to choose from 200 of the best keywords. If you want even more optimized keywords, KE can deliver as you perform more searches.

Put them to Work Right Now!

Keyword Elite program can deliver up to 13,000 related keywords for your AdSense campaigns; keywords that you can put to work on your websites immediately. By letting KE do the work for you, you save valuable time that can be spent on creating better articles and content, resulting in higher click-throughs and more revenue.

Different Ways to Analyze Keywords

Because KE is a comprehensive solution, you can analyze keywords in many different ways:

1. Determine the number of search queries for that term on the major search engines,

2. See what the current bids are (essential to starting an AdWords campaign, this allows you to save money by bidding smart).

3. Analyze your competition: how many other sites are really optimizing their pages for your keywords?

4. KE also allows you to see how many AdWords campaigns are running for any keyword, and more importantly just how successful they are at generating clicks.

For Competitive Terms It’s Essential

Now, you might not need all of this information for less competitive keywords, but it can be essential for the more competitive terms. On a basic level, all you really need to know is whether or not a keyword will deliver the traffic you need. You can do this by looking at the number of pages that are using the keyword as a title; doable with Google, but time consuming.

Skip the Tedious Work, please!

Then the real fun begins. Painstakingly write down each keyword, make your notes, check out the competition etc. KE allows you to skip this most tedious part of the process by doing the legwork for you. Keyword Elite program gives you the information that you need in minutes that would normally take hours to compile – information that is essential to your AdWords and AdSense campaigns. This tool is a must-have time saver that can deliver the information that you need to make the most informed decisions when creating and running your campaigns.

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  1. Vance on November 4th, 2008 9:10 am

    I for one appreciate the effort to try to figure this stuff out. Every little test adds to the base of knowledge out there.

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