Twitter Cashpile – Step 3

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By now you have been actively been marketing on Twitter, but it’s time to make sure that you are not risking having your account banned by Twitter. Here are some crucial steps to follow so that you don’t end up getting banned from Twitter.

If you create accounts and every single Twitter is a plug for your product than you deserve to get banned. Don’t be stupid, be smart and plug your products and websites intelligently. If YOU at all question whether or not you are abusing the Twitter system than you are. Don’t even question it and play by the rules. The benefits of Twitter far outweigh the negatives of getting banned.

By involving yourself with the community you will see a tremendous amount of benefits. People will visit your blog, websites, and links. They will be interested in your products, life, and services. Remember that when you are within the Twitter community. Making enemies isn’t your goal either, try and make friends and create groups that you communicate often with.

Twitter Essential Tools

Tools are great, if you can automate something that you do on the internet than I am ALL for it. Automation is necessary especially if you are going to succeed on the internet. Twitter is no exception, here are some tools that you can use on Twitter and make everything flow easier.

Tweetlater – Tells you when someone signs up to follow you, gives the option of sending them custom thank you notes, and tweeter management so that you can create Tweets that are automatically posted. – This desktop utility let’s you connect Twitter,, Friendfeed and seesmic accounts, URL shortener, Twit pics. It will also let you search twits, and sound notification of whenever you get a new message.

Twitbin – Send and receive messages via Twitter within your Firefox

Twitpic – Post pictures via phone instantly allowing for people to comment on it and other typical posts.

Hellotx – HelloTX allows you to post on tons of social networking websites at the same time, this allows you to reach a larger audience easily and convienently. Not wasting your time posting on each site, and allowing you to easily manage each different account.

Orangatame – Allows you to easily post on Twitter from your Blackberry.

MobileTwitter – Allows you to easily post on your iPhone.

Summize – Easily search twitter and stay on top of what people are saying right NOW on Twitter. Instant Twitter connection.

Twitidir – Find friends on Twitter, find who is the most popular on twitter, find who has the most follows, etc.

Please if you have other Twitter utilities post them up, if you have any other techniques please post them up as well. I’m curious to see how people are using various techniques to market on Twitter.

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  1. Jose on November 17th, 2008 1:23 am

    David, that’s a good tip! Especially if IM is not allowed or blocked on a network. The Twitter groups application mentioned above could make it easy to write one message for distribution to many people.

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