RankPay the Real Deal? Our Review…

September 24, 2009 by  

Is RankPay the Real Deal? That’s the real question. For those of you that aren’t familiar with RankPay head over and take a look at their website, they offer SEO services but unlike any other SEO company out there. RankPay is the only truly performance based SEO company that has no start up costs, which is amazing.

After taking a look at their website and doing some keyword research I was able to identify a few keywords that I wanted to try out. I really wasn’t expecting much at first, their proposal was just TOO good to be true, or so I thought. After signing up I was called to verify my submission, and discuss the keywords I wanted to optimize for. After 20 minutes of me picking their brains, I was much relieved, this wasn’t some fly by night shop. RankPay knows Search Engine Optimization, that much I can tell you. They blew me away with their knowledge and they were able to make some suggestions that I hadn’t even thought of.

Here we are three months later, and I can’t even believe the rankings that I have achieved. It’s remarkable how far they have gotten my site, in a matter of months. I wasn’t going after easy keywords by any means and they were able to not only capture me top rankings (TOP 3 for 2 keywords) but have been able to maintain those rankings as well. RankPay’s SEO services are top notch and I highly recommend them to anyone that I come in contact with. Is RankPay a scam? NO WAY! This is the single best SEO company I have ever worked with, plain and simple.


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